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Do you know what V.I.P. stands for? Here at MERIAL, it stands for Very Important Pet! We love pets as much as you do, which is why we're doing everything we can to encourage pet owners to take control of flea and tick infestations by using our FRONTLINE® products regularly!

Visit your vet today, and sign up for the FRONTLINE® V.I.P. Programme today: receive your own V.I.P. Programme stamp card, and every time you purchase a FRONTLINE® product, you'll accumulate purchase stickers. Once you have 12 purchase stickers, you're entitled to receive a R60 discount voucher, redeemable off your next purchase of FRONTLINE® Plus!

The great advantage to this promotion is that you receive one sticker per pipette purchased, so if you buy a 3-pack for example, you'll accumulate 3 stickers in one day. FRONTLINE® Spray purchases entitle you to anything from 2 to 8 stickers per purchase, depending on the size bought! In addition you stand in line to win great prizes every month. Ask your local vet for details.